Are You Talking To Me? Know Your Audience…

Whether you’re selling in person, online, or over the telephone, knowing who your audience is is really important.
Actually, let’s kick it up a notch and say that not only do you have to know who your audience is, but to get your message across you have to use language that your target audience will “get”.
For the ultimate in successful communication with a potential client, you have to know who your audience is, know what they’re concerned about, and solve their problem in language that they will understand.

My 87-year-old dad is visiting us this month and, os course, we all have a lot to show and tell him. Mostly, It’s my kids we’re talking about, but the other night, I wanted to show him some beautiful pictures of Honduras that my husband took on his last visit.

The pictures are important to me – they’re of land that we’ve purchased for a vacation home in the Caribbean, and they represent a dream swiftly being realized! It’s exciting! :D

I sat down next to my dad, turned on the flatscreen, powered up the Apple TV, and set my iPhone up to stream to the television. Next, I found my pictures and commenced my own “show and tell.”

When I started, my dad had looked up from his computer and glanced at the television screen. That was the last I saw before I went off on my little guided tour of Roatan, proudly showing photos and enthusiastically narrating everything that was on the screen.

When I was done my dad said, “Are you talking to ME?”

Hell yes, I was talking to him. And I had been for about 10 minutes. Where did I go wrong?
I was talking away, describing what I thought was magnificent land, an awesome view, wonderful people, a perfect climate, and fantastic neighbors.

I was busy showing and telling my dad about what was important to ME, not about what was important to HIM. He had nothing to relate to.
What was important to him was a TV show that he was listening to/watching using headphones.

My dad was busy watching Monk!

If I had realized that my dad was tuned into WII FM (What’s In It For Me) I would have changed my narrative!
Trust me, we are ALL tuned in to WII FM – so it’s not a slur against my dad. It’s to point out that if I had wanted to reach my dad, to really have him see what I was presenting, I should have put it to him differently.

First, I should have been sure he was available, and paying attention. I did this on MY time, without realizing that on HIS time, he was listening to Monk.
I should have made it a conversation, rather than a narrative. I should have drawn him in by asking him questions, rather than just expounding my own view.

“Does this look like where you were stationed on Guam?” “Remember when you were in Hawaii… it’s a little bit like that… tropical and beautiful!” Something to make it relevant to him.

I should’ve seen what was “paining” my dad and show him a solution; I should have shown him how this property could positively impact him!
“You know how you came here to get out of the wintry weather in the Northeast? (It kinda sucks that Texas has been colder than Virginia for the duration of his visit!) Well, if everything works out, THIS is where you’ll spend your winter nest year!”

“Imagine perfect 80-degree days, a private beach and the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Caribbean. All yours! Nice, isn’t it?”

“Are You Talking To Me?” would have changed to “NOW You’re Talking!”

Usually, whenever you speak (or put pen to paper or tap a key) you’re selling – you’re marketing something to someone! If you want to get your message across – especially if it’s a marketing message, you want to be certain that you put the right message for the person in front of you at the right time, in the right way.

Tell stories in your marketing – use people, their actions and reactions as a lesson, in a way that your audience can relate to: Connect with people in their element. Understand your prospect, and engage them!

Your product is NOT your product. Your product is PEOPLE. Know your prospect better than you know your product, engage them in conversation in their own world, in their own language, and you’ll reap the results!

Many people make the mistake of believing that what they’re selling is their product.

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