Be An Active Listener And Watch Your Business Grow

Do you remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood?

She was the little girl who took a basket of cookies to her
ailing grandmother’s house. Of course, she had to walk alone
through a large, dark forest to get there. And of course there
was a big, bad wolf in the story because, what kind of fairy tale
for little kids doesn’t have something big and scary in it,

Well, when our heroine gets to her grandmother’s house, the
wolf has eaten the grandmother and has dressed in the grand-
mother’s clothes and is impersonating her, sick in bed, to
trick Little Red Riding Hood into coming close enough to be

Little Red Riding Hood is pretty savvy for a little kid, though,
and she starts making observations: My, what a deep voice
you have! My, what a big nose you’ve got!

My favorite part is when Little Red Riding Hood says to the
wicked wolf, “My, what big ears you have!” to which the wolf
responds, “The better to hear you with, my dear!”


Did you ever wonder why it is that we have two ears and only
one mouth?

(I’ll tell you!) It’s so that we can LISTEN twice as much as
we speak!

This is especially important in prospecting – whether you’re
doing it belly-to-belly, or over the phone like I do…active listening
is a skill that is critical to your success.

All of the best business builders are GREAT active listeners. And
no matter how good anyone is, there’s always room for improvement!

Over the next couple of posts, I’ll share with you ideas for improving your active listening skills, and soon, when you hear “what big ears you’ve got,” you’ll smile and think “the better to grow my business with!”

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