Better Than Monday Night Football?

Ok.  I understand that for some, a claim that something could be better than ANYTHING is going to elicit a great outcry!


Here’s what I know:  When I got my business up and running, part of my success was due to getting on every single training call that I could find, and participating at 100%.  That meant creating a space for myself wherein I could focus, stay connected to the information that was being shared, and take notes – without distraction and without exception.

What I had available to me in terms of training was pretty limited.  I participated in what I found, but I was so green, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  (Not much has changed except that I willingly acknowledge that there’s plenty that I don’t know…and I think learning it and sharing it is a blast!)

So, imagine what a treat it is for me when I find a phenomenal training outlet AND I can share it with you!  It’s win-win.  I learn, you learn and we can both leverage our time and training by sharing our find with others.

Mark your calendar for Monday, February 21, 2011.  There’s going to be a great training webinar that you’ll want to get on – it’s part of the Master Marketer Monday series – and if marketing is what you love, then be there Monday night.

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