Empowering Women To Break The Cycle Of Poverty

Empowering Women To Break The Cycle Of Poverty

Empowering Women Through Heifer InternationalEmpowering women to break the cycle of poverty is the only true solution to poverty and hunger for families around the world.  Gender discrimination has long been a conversation in the United States and phrases like “Equal Pay For Equal Work” have ignited movements and fueled political campaigns for centuries.  Yet even here, women still earn less than their male counterparts.

Gender discrimination is not only a conversation being had in the United States, it is a global issue.  Girls suffer the most from gender discrimination around the world.  In fact, when resources are limited, it is the female children who are denied the most basic opportunities – like the opportunity to go to school.

Dan West, Founder of Heifer International, Has Been Empowering Women To Break The Cycle Of Poverty Since 1944

Dan West, a mid-western farmer involved with his church, found himself rationing out ladles-full of a scarce and highly coveted commodity to starving children during the Spanish Civil War:  That commodity was milk.  West’s designation of who received the milk and who didn’t sometimes determined who lived and who died.  It weighed on him heavily and he realized that these children didn’t need cups, they needed cows.

West returned home determined to find a way to allow families to once again experience the dignity of being able to feed their children without having to rely on others.

In 1944, “Heifers For Relief” shipped its first 17 heifers from York, Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico.  For many of the children whose families would receive a heifer, it would be the first time that they had tasted milk in their lives!  These heifers – female cows who had yet to birth their first calf – would provide not only a constant source of milk once they calved – but also a source of income (as surplus dairy products could be sold), and a means to help other families in need.

Then, as now, the only requirement made of the recipients of Heifer Livestock is the agreement to pass along the gift of one offspring of the animal received to another family in need.  This idea – “Paying It Forward” – is just another way that Heifer International is truly “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Heifer International does not discriminate.  By supporting the programs of Heifer International you are supporting “programs around the world that are designed to give every woman and girl the chance to fulfill per potential.”

With the gift of Heifer Livestock and training in its care, you can make a huge impact in the lives of women and children everywhere.  Even a small gift makes a big difference, helping women to start a self-help group in parts of the world where literacy rates among women are low.  By learning to read and receiving livestock and training, your gift can “empower women to reduce their vulnerability to domestic violence, trafficking and health-related issues.”

Every gift recipient of Heifer Livestock receives not only the livestock and training in its care, but also special training in small business management, saving and marketing.

In Tanzania, Segolina Dionisi is now able to attend school because of a gift of goats and training that her mother, Valeriana, received.  Segonlina says, “When the goat has kids I know that my mother will have money for my school, clothing, stationery and other school fees.”

Empowering Women To Break The Cycle Of Poverty Is A Result Within Your Reach!

You can make an enormous difference in the lives of women and children all over the world with a gift that would mean no more to you financially than skipping Starbucks for 2 days.  If you can do more, then do more.  And if you’re unwilling to afford $10 to make a difference in the lives of families around the world through Heifer International, then at least:

Be Willing To Share This Post To Your Circle Of Influence!  THAT Is A Contribution, Too!

Together, we can create a greater awareness for this program; together, we can make a real and immediate difference in the lives of children everywhere; together we can empower women to break the cycle of poverty!

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