Find Your “Why” And Fly!

What is your “why?”

Your “why” is your driving purpose.

Many people believe that supporting their families is enough of a why, but they’re mistaken.  The reason that supporting your family isn’t a purpose strong enough to make you form the habit of doing the things that you don’t like to do, is because it’s easier to adjust yourself to the hardships of a lower standard of living, than it is to adjust yourself to the hardships of making a better one.  Think of all the things that you are willing to go without, to avoid having to do the things that you don’t like to do.

Why does “habit” figure so prominently in success?  Because men and women are creatures of habit, for good or ill.  If you do not make a conscious effort to form good habits, then you will unconsciously form bad ones.  You are the kind of man or woman that you are because you have formed the habit of being that kind of man or woman, and the only way to change who you are is to change your habits.

Success habits in sales revolve around prospecting, calling, selling, and work ethic.

Any successful car salesman will tell you that it’s easier to sell a car to people who don’t want one than it is to find people who do – but if you haven’t developed the habit  of uncovering needs (rather than wants), then you have unconsciously formed the habit of limiting your prospecting to people who want a new car, and that creates your lack of new prospects.

Unless you’ve deliberately cultivated the habit of calling on people who are able to buy but unwilling to listen, then unconsciously you have formed the habit of calling on people who are willing to listen, but unable to buy.

Unless you’ve deliberately cultivated the habit of calling on people determined to make them see their own reasons for buying, then unconsciously you’ve developed the habit of calling on people in a state of mind that will allow them to convince you of their reasons for not buying.

And I promise you that if you take care of the first 3 success habits – prospecting, calling, and selling, then the 4th – work ethic – will take care of itself.

Before you decide to cultivate these success habits, know that it takes more than a promise to yourself to establish the habits of successful people.

You won’t keep a promise to yourself unless you form the habit of making the promise and keeping it!

Any resolution that you make today needs to be made and fulfilled today, and made and fulfilled tomorrow, and made and fulfilled the next day, and so on.  And if you skip a day, you’ve got to begin again at the beginning.

It takes a full 30 days of consistent resolve and action on the resolution to create a habit.  But if you continue the process of making the promise to yourself each morning and keeping it throughout the day, at the end of a month you’ll wake up a different person living in a different world than the one in which you used to live.

One morning you will find that your resolution has become a habit, and you won’t have to make it that morning.  You will find that by surrendering to your purpose in life, you have become master of your likes and dislikes, master of your destiny.

From this point forward, your future is not going to depend on economic conditions or outside influences or circumstances beyond your control.  Your future is going to depend on your purpose in life, on your “why.”

In determining your all-important “why,” or your purpose, keep in mind that it must be practical and not visionary.  But in being practical, it must not be logical.  Your purpose should be emotional or sentimental.  Remember, needs are logical while wants and desires are emotional.  Your needs will push you only so far, and when you’re needs are satisfied, the momentum will stop.  However, if your purpose is driven by wants and desires, your wants and desires will keep on pushing you long after your needs are fulfilled.

Add to the mix an honest purpose, and you will be both honest and honorable in the accomplishment of your purpose.  But know this:  even if you succeed beyond your wildest dreams, you will never succeed beyond your purpose to which you are wiling to surrender, and until you have surrendered to the habit of doing the things that failures don’t like to do, your surrender will not be complete!

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