How To Be More Productive

Ever wondered how to be more productive? Would you believe me if I told you that being productive comes naturally to you? When you’re doing what you love and honoring your most important values, that’s when you’re most productive! It’s true! Having fun is how to be more productive!

Think about a time in your life (and we’ve all had them) when you were totally engaged in what you were doing and the time literally flew by; you looked up at the clock and were shocked that hours had passed where it seemed that mere minutes had ticked by. You were in a natural state of productivity, most likely doing what you loved and honoring your most important values, and if I were a betting woman, I’d bet you were having fun.

The opposite, however, is often true as well. People suffer a decrease in their productivity when they are not having fun; it follows that they are most likely not honoring their values or doing something that they love.

The easy answer to “how to be more productive,” is to spend your time doing the things that you love, though you and I both know that life doesn’t work that way. We’re called upon to perform many tasks in daily life that we don’t necessarily love, and we’re not often given a choice about it.

We do have a choice about whether or not we honor our personal values, however. And that’s a decision that we have to make, sometimes minute by minute. If we honor our values, it can go a long way towards increasing our personal happiness and thereby increasing our productivity. But that truth in daily action requires a continual gut check, and it starts with a soul-searching conversation with yourself and maybe your higher power.

What about those tasks that we don’t love? Well, there will always be some of those thrown into the mix to keep things interesting, but I’ll share something with you that I heard at the CarbonCopyPRO Master Marketing Event No. 7 in Phoenix a couple of weekends ago.

One of the presenters was talking about the mindset necessary to grow a business (you know…”Do or Die Trying!”) and he talked about the need to be willing to learn whatever it is that you have to learn, whether you like doing it or not. He went on to say that of all the marketers that he knows – and he knows all the top marketers in the industry – the things that they are the best at today are the things that they were the worst at starting out. The thing is, they didn’t avoid what they didn’t like, they embraced it, they forced it into being their friend, and eventually – sometimes out of sheer determination – they came to enjoy that particular skill and found that there was fun to be had doing it. B-I-N-G-O! They were more productive!

Developing a sense of clarity on exactly which values MUST be honored in your life and then doing what you love while learning to love new activities along the way, is how to be more productive and live a fulfilling and fun-filled life.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. If you haven’t done it already, have that values conversation with yourself today! If you have, keep on top of that gut check, stay true to your values, and do what you love. Make a list of what you don’t love, particularly as it pertains to your business, and commit to doing what it takes to get great at what you’re not good at; be open to learning to love it and don’t be surprised to find that you’re having fun!

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