Network Marketing For The Shy

ShyI can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken to people about network marketing and they respond with, “Oh, I’m too shy to do that.”  I’m not in the business of convincing people, so I don’t dissuade them of their notion, but I’m here to tell you that some of the most successful people I know in network marketing started out very shy, myself included.

In fact, many people who enjoy success as network marketers never set out to be network marketers and never imagined themselves as “sales people.”  They simply tried a product, had a great experience and shared that experience enthusiastically with friends and family members.  Their business grew naturally from there.

But what if you’ve made the decision, despite being shy, to get involved with network marketing.  How do you grow a business when you consider yourself an introvert and you’re not comfortable approaching strangers to discuss your opportunity or products?

First Find Something To Love 

If you’re in network marketing just to be in network marketing, you’re probably making a mistake.

Don’t represent a company, product or service simply because a friend or relative asked you to; you must believe in the company, product or service that you’re representing.  A “product of the product” experience is much easier to share, whether you’re sharing with someone close to you or a relative stranger.  Your enthusiasm and belief will convey, regardless of whether or not you’re comfortable or good at “presenting.”

It doesn’t take excellent salesmanship to be successful in network marketing.  Sales, in all its forms, is a transference of feeling.  If you feel strongly about your company, product or service, the folks that you’re talking to will “feel” it as well, and that’s what it’s all about.

Birds Of A Feather

While it might seem like everyone in the world (besides you) is an extrovert, the fact is that most folks are introverts and are more fearful of speaking (or presenting) in public than of facing down a pride of lions single-handedly.

What does that mean for you?  It means that 99% of all the folks looking for your opportunity, your products, your results, are looking for that information in ways that afford them a little privacy.

More than likely, they’re searching for information online, creating the perfect opportunity for you.  By working leads, you’re able to present information and options to people who are actively seeking solutions.  You’re providing answers for folks who have already raised their hands to ask the question.  And you’re able to provide these answers by using an array of network marketing tools made available to you through the company you represent.

Responding to a lead via telephone is the most obvious means of providing answers and solutions.  If you’re not sure how to go about making that first dial, there’s plenty of training available online, and probably lots of training on phone prospecting through your own company’s “back office.”  There’s also training on telephone prospecting available here:

Hone Your Email Marketing Skills

If the thought of picking up the phone to speak with a prospective client causes you to break out in a cold sweat, consider honing your email marketing skills.  There are lots of ways to market your business using online tools provided by your company that don’t require you to pick up the phone and make that initial dial.

Chances are good that your company (or your lead provider) sends out a series of emails to your prospective client on your behalf, introducing them to you, the company, and the products.  But, if not – or in addition to them – you can craft your own emails to send to prospective clients.

Remember as you’re writing these emails, to share what drew you to your company, the products or services that you represent.  Include links to the various online assets at your disposal, like websites, links to videos and/or audio provided by your company, and if you have a “before and after” photo, be sure to include that, as well.

There’s lots of information available online about effective copy writing, how to craft an effective sales letter, etc.  Invest some time in learning these skills; they’ll help you to achieve the success you desire in network marketing.

Exploding The Myth

It is a myth that you have to be extroverted to be successful in network marketing.  What you have to be is dedicated and persistent.  Find a successful mentor to model, one that you can relate to, and learn to master his or her marketing techniques.

Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone:  Even baby steps will carry you to your goals.  Remember that no one was born knowing how to be a good network marketer, and everyone had to learn what methods of marketing played to their own personal strengths.

Remember, too, that every time you step outside of your comfort zone, whatever you’re learning to do gets easier and easier until, before you know it, what was outside of your comfort zone is now comfortably within the borders and the next adventure outside your comfort zone is waiting to take you to even greater heights!

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