Overcoming Objections: I Can’t Afford It

Overcoming ObjectionsAssuming that you’ve done a great job building rapport with your prospective client, understanding what her needs and wants are, and that you’ve landed on the right solution for her, what do you do when she tells you, “I Can’t Afford It”?

If you truly believe that your product will benefit her, get her to admit that point by asking:  “Mary, if the money for this product was in your budget, would you go ahead with the purchase?”

If Mary says yes, agree with her by letting her know that you’re happy that she can see the benefits that your product will provide to her.

From there, you can discuss with Mary the return on investment that she’ll realize, whether that’s monetary, or in benefits like better health, weight loss, etc.

Or, you can let her know that you understand her concern over finances and you appreciate her control over the flow of money in her household.  A good budget is a necessary tool for every family to use to reach its goals (particularly today), but the household budget itself doesn’t run the household, does it?

A budget must be flexible to allow the family to manage crises or to take advantage of unplanned opportunities or activities.  Mary, as the controller of the household budget, retains the right to flex the budget in the best interest of the family – and this can include in the best interests of the family’s health or present or future wealth.

Let Mary know that what you’ve shared with her is a system that will allow her an immediate edge (whether that’s a physical edge or a financial one.)

Then ask her:  “Mary, under these circumstances, will your budget flex or will it dictate your actions?”

By helping Mary make a decision that is good for her and her family, you’re doing more than just asking for the sale.  And that is the difference between an amateur and a sales professional.

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