Italian Pop Star Adriano Celentano had a No. #1 hit with this song, and sang it – not in Italian…but in gibberish!  Determined to write a song that broke language barriers and helped people to communicate more, Celentano wrote this song in what, to him, “sounded” like American English.

The lyrics to the song are so nonsensical, that he never even wrote them down.  Instead, he improvised them over a looped beat.

Apparently, understanding the lyrics isn’t central to having a No. #1 Hit!  Shortly after its release in 1972, PRISENCOLINENSINAINCIUSOL went No. #1 in Italy, France, Belgium and Germany!

When asked if this is really what American English sounds like to a non-English speaker, Celentano replied, “Yes, Exactly like it!”

I played the song for my husband, a native Spanish-speaker.  I asked him afterwards what language it was in and he replied “English!”  So it must be true…this is what American English sounds like to non-speakers!

Personally, it just makes me giggle.  But I understand now where my husband learned to dance! ; )

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