Sage Advice From The Mouths of Homeschooled Babes

As a homeschooling mother of 3 inquisitive kids, and a work-at-home mom, I sometimes wonder what my kids are learning about business by being with me, day in and day out, as I run various home-based businesses.

When they were very small, they would play “business” alongside me on “computers” that they had fashioned from cardboard, complete with crayon-drawn keyboards and cardboard “mice.”  They would close imaginary sales on unplugged phones and write up orders in notebooks.

When they got a little older, they flexed their own entrepreneurial muscles, making gourmet dog biscuits that they pedaled around the neighborhood for $2 a bag to raise money for fancy yoyos or the latest action figure.

As they grew taller and better able to handle “jobs,” they offered their services gardening, pressure washing, and pet sitting for neighbors, earning the money to pay for the toys that they wanted.

They also learned a greater appreciation for the value of a dollar, carefully weighing whether the lastest fad toy was worth spending hard-earned money for.

They’re still young – 13, 11, and 9 – and while they’ve graduated to real computers and laptops and they’re busy following their own interests, they still share an exuberant entrepreneurial spirit, and an interesting understanding of the basics of good business.

From my 13-year-old:  “Good things come to those who go and get them.”
From my 11-year-old:  “Never say ‘never’…ever!”
From my 9-year-old:  “Everything you do, everything you say, even how you say it, represents you and your business.”

Sage advice from the mouths of babes.

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