Simple Article Marketing Tips and Tricks


You’ve probably lost them.  

Beginning with some boring “Hi, today we’ll be blah blah blah” intro can be FATAL to your success. Just saying.
Each article needs an attention-grabbing title. What would your readers be attracted to? Think about what would make you want to read an article. Pattern your own titles after these examples to captivate new readers.

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Be creative! You never know what will work so if you think of everything as an experiment, you can’t fail too badly! ;D
You might get better results at some times, but that’s good – keep what works, find out why,  tweak what doesn’t and keep going!

To achieve success in business, you’ve gotta have the right marketing skills. It’s absolutely essential that you invest in your business education, so you have the know-how needed to help your business stand out in a crowd.

This article gives you several useful, simple concepts to further your skill with developing an article marketing gameplan.

First, do your best to avoid “article spinners”. They may seem like an efficient way of producing lots of different content quickly and easily, but they tend to not DON’T EVER produce very well-written articles. In almost all cases, the article turned out by a spinner is so horribly mangled that its completely unintelligible.

It looks like it was written by a dumb person whose native language is ancient Sumerian. Or worse, it looks like it was spat out by a crappy article spinner used by someone to clog up the internet with spam. Do you really want to put your name on that?

Besides, in the amount of time that it takes to fix all the horrible English (or any other)-language-butchering, chances are that you could have written a whole new (perfectly decent, intelligible) article. So, do the literate world a favor and avoid article spinners.

Do it yourself, outsource it, (more on that later) slave labor, whatever it takes –Please, do yourself a favor and skip the article spinner.

Remember that as you’re writing your article, biographies must be appended to all articles you write. In the biography – pretty much the “about me” chunk – tell readers something about yourself. Make sure that you include a link that points to your website. People could click through to read more or buy; by providing a link, you’ve made it easier.

Articles that have an “about me” bit about you (or your alter ego) will help people to make a connection, association, fall in love with, learn more, trust, like, and get used to you (or your alter ego).

This is (generally) good because people usually would rather do business with peeps they know, like and trust. Your biography – your “about me” can go a long way towards creating that relationship with your reader. Just try not to add anything incriminating.
Also, people might decide they dislike you and choose not to do business with you. Why is this good? It weeds out the losers. And people it would be difficult to work with.

Try outsourcing.  In fact, outsourcing is one of the best things you can do. If you don’t have time for writing articles or if you just really suck at writing anything no matter how hard you try, look into hiring someone else to write for you.

Even though you will have to spend money, you will save time and boost traffic by posting with regularity. You can then spend your time doing other things like more syndication, and branch out into other traffic strategies.

There are a number of places on the internet that you can use to get going with outsourcing. and are some good places to start. Keep in mind though, – as with anything else – buyer beware!

Make sure you do your research before you decide to hire someone to do anything for you. Eventually, you should end up doing stuff that only you can do.

Take “The Reading Road To Writing!” You can become a better writer through reading. Through reading good content, your knowledge base will grow, giving you more to write about.

As you read, you’ll find that your vocabulary and comprehension level will increase and your writing will have a better vibe. Fresh, new reading material will also improve your writing style; you’ll start to get a better grasp of how sentences and paragraphs are put together.

BADASS BONUS TIP: Enormous blocks of text can be intimidating or fatiguing to readers. Break up huge, gross word-lumps into smaller, easier to read chunks. Baby steps.

You’ll learn how ideas are most effectively expressed, and how YOU want to express yourself. This will occur regardless of what type of material you are reading so take “The Reading Road To Writing” and pick up a (hopefully halfway decent) book today.

It does not have to be books, either. I suggest you read good ad copy, other articles, newsletters… anything, really.
A simple way to come up with an article is figure out the topic you want to write about, and just come up with a bunch of questions relating to the topic.

Write ‘em down.

Select the ones you like best, and use them as titles and headings. Coming up with (and then answering) questions that you (or that you think your reader would) have on a topic can give you targeted content that’s useful. Useful is good.

A lot of people ask search engines questions. That’s why sites like Yahoo answers are so popular. Make use of all those searches.

When you create a website, include articles with good information. Nothing will foster trust with your readership faster than having useful and free content readily available to them. Nothing will breed hatred like a poorly done, repetitive, thousand-word sales pitch for every article.

Everyone wants to make a sale, but those that give something for free first win over the customer and therefore, if they’ll buy, they’ll buy from you.
Your content should inform and entertain the reader… If it can make them giggle like drunken cartoon schoolchildren, good. Belly laughs… awesome.

If you can’t crack a funny, just… Think of something.

Imagine, as you’re writing, that you’re explaining your topic to a good buddy of yours.
Even with an über technical topic, it is important to write in a manner that most anyone can grasp the concepts.

Also, bullet points or lists can help to make your material more easily accessible, so use them when you can! String theory is a possible exception…
You must be able to convince readers that they need you, your knowledge, your product or service.

Therefore, the best way to reach your readers is by making content that is fun to read and useful. Once your readers understand that you’ve got what they want, they’ll come to you for products and services naturally.

In conclusion, article marketing – done well – can be a great marketing strategy for your business. When you know how to market your business through article marketing, you’re setting yourself up for huge profits!

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