Tuck This In Your Twitter Toolbox

I’ll admit it.  I’m a Twitter newbie.

When I first heard about Twitter, my initial response was, “Why would anyone want to do THAT?”  (Of course, I said the same thing when I learned about the Apple iPod!)  So, it comes as no surprise that I now find myself enamored of Twitter, and learning all that I can about how to get the most from this twitterlicious platform.

If you’re reading this and asking yourself, “What IS Twitter, anyway?” then let me share this definition from WikipediaTwitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Twitter can be whatever you want it to be:  A place to know and be known, a place to learn and grow, a place to share and teach:  a place to create and nurture relationships of all sorts, including those of a business nature.

The best way to get started on Twitter is to jump in with both feet and start splashing around.  You can sign up for free at http://www.twitter.com.  Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, I encourage you to expand (and simplify) your twitter life by exploring these great TwitterTools:

Friend or Follow: Who you are following that is not following you back? Who is following you that you are not following back?  Find out here!

Tweet 2 Tweet:  Enter two Twitter screen names on the page and see the string of conversation through @replies!

Twit Scoop:  Like the name suggests, this application gives you the “scoop” on what’s currently being tweeted about on Twitter.  You’ll see a real-time cloud of topics; the largest words are the most popular.  Looking for topics to write about?  This is a great app for that!

Twitterholic: Yup, there are twitterholics!  This application provides a constantly updated list of who the most popular Twitterers are.  Guess who’s got the top ranking?!  You can also check out your own twitterholic ranking!

Twellow:  Twellow is like the Yellow Pages for Twitter.  It’s a search directory that will allow you to search out fellow Twitterers by category (i.e. Aerospace and Aviation, Green, Health), and also by geographic location through Twellowhood.  How many Twitterers are in YOUR neighborhood?

Twitpic: Share your photos on Twitter!

Twitsay: This application marries voice broadcasting with Twitter!  Dial in, record a 10 second greeting, click a button and it’s on it’s way!

Twithire: Help wanted via Twitter.  Looking for work?  Looking for help?  Check out Twithire!

Tweetlater:  Something coming up that you don’t want to forget to remind your followers about?  Post it now in Tweetlater and schedule it for a future delivery time.  Your peeps will never know the difference!

Tweetburner:  Ever wonder if your peeps are clicking your links?  Now you’ll know!  This app tracks the links you share.

Remember The Milk:  Use this program and you’ll never forget the milk again!  This is a task management system that offers you a wide variety of ways to remind yourself of your “to do” list.  The list of features, advantages and benefits is huge!  Go see for yourself!

Twittercal:  Like it sounds, it’s a calendar for Twitter.  Cool tweak?  Tweet your Google Calendar!

Tweetdeck:  A desktop application, Tweetdeck allows you to organize all your tweets into groups, topics, @replies and more.  Tweetdeck keeps me sane.  Check it out!

Tweetake:  You back up the files on your computer, right? (Right??)  Tweetake allows you to back up your Twitter account!  Why would you want to do that?  Well, it would come in handy if you changed your Twitter account name, but wanted to re-follow the people that you were following and contact the people that were following you.   It would also come in handy if there were ever a “glitch” that caused you to lose your followers.

Twitterless:  Ever wonder what it would look like if you could see your Twitter followers on a Google Map?  You can do that and more (followers, graphing, stats, search and filter functions) with this application.

Ping.fm:  Update all of your social networking sites from one central location.  How convenient!

Twitter.Grader:  This is a cool application from the folks at Hubspot.  Twitter Grader allows you to measure the power of your profile (or someone else’s).  It will also, among other things, show you who the “Twitter Elite” are!  Remember as you navigate to the site, NO www.  In other words:  http://twitter.grader.com

TwitterCounter:  Stats, stats and more stats!  How has your following grown? You can see that (and more) here.

Tweetstats:  “In ur Tweets, graphin’ ur stats!” This is a fun, colorful, and informative stats site.

There you have it!  Your Twitter Tool Box is as stuffed as mine is.  Go out and Tweet your peeps about the cool new tools you’re using.  They’ll thank you for sharing the love!


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