Using Tools to Share Your Business

If you were a builder with no tools, how much building would you get done?

If you were a dentist with no tools, how many people could you help?

If you were a mechanic with no tools, how effective would you be at your trade?

Having the right tools and using them, makes all the difference in the world.

Network Marketing is no different.

Every company provides tools for their associates to use to build their business; it’s up to the associate to stock their “toolbox” and use the tools.

Using tools will up your productivity level.  You are only one person and can only be in one place at one time.  By using tools, you can share your message with the largest audience possible.

Using tools will build belief – yours and your clients – in your company.  Your client will appreciate that the tools you are using are professionally designed and written and provide the most current information about your company, product and services in a professional manner.

Using tools will help you to build longer and to build stronger.  You are four times more likely to stay in your business over the long haul if you build it with tools.  Teach your team members to building using tools, and watch your retention rate (and your income) soar!

Using tools provides instant credibility as you are able to share the success stories from others who are using your products and services, the latest data from research experts, and the most current and detailed information about your opportunity and your products.

Using tools makes duplication easy, and duplication is the life blood of your business.  Using tools provides a system and a routine that anyone can follow.  Teach the use of tools to your new members for duplicatable success!

Using tools will increase your productivity, keeping you actively telling your story!  Remember, facts tell but stories sell!

So take a minute today to ask yourself “what’s in MY toolbox?”  Take an inventory, get organized, fill in any gaps, and then keep that toolbox handy at home, in the car, in your bag or briefcase so that you are always ready to share a tool, share your story, and share the wealth!


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