What’s Not To Love About Network Marketing?

Network MarketingWhen I graduated from high school, I was living in New Hampshire, working 60 hours a week managing 3 car rental locations for my father and “supplementing” my income by buying and selling cars on the side. The money was good and I was having fun, so I chose to postpone college.

When I turned 21, my dad asked me if I would help him to care for my grandmother.  It meant leaving my job and moving to Massachusetts, but it would also afford me the opportunity to slow down and go to college.  I made the move.

“Slow,” however,  wasn’t one of my speeds, and I continued to buy and sell cars to earn a living as I studied.  My “business” quickly got too big for my grandmother’s quiet residential neighborhood, and before I knew it, I found myself going through all the steps to open a brick and mortar used car business.

That meant finding a location suitable for a commercial enterprise, applying for a license to sell cars, obtaining a dealers’ license, insurance, a facelift on the facility, spending many thousands on an inventory, advertising, merchandising, stocking and staffing a repair facility and a reconditioning bay, hiring a CPA, and lots more (phew).  Of course I also had to sell and then replenish and recondition my inventory, all the while maintaining a 3.97 cumulative average as a full time English major!

I get tired now just thinking about it.

So, imagine my delight when I learned about Network Marketing!  I couldn’t believe how EASY it was!  No overhead, no inventory.  I got to choose the products and services that I represented and how I wanted to work with them.  Network Marketing allowed me to choose the days and hours per day that I worked, where I worked, and with whom!  I got to choose whether I wanted to work belly-to-belly, through the computer, over the phone, in small groups or through huge gatherings!  It was all totally and completely up to me!

Not only that, but representing the products of a Network Marketing company meant that I didn’t have to develop the product, I didn’t have to guarantee the product, I no longer had to worry about capitalization, administration, accounting, purchasing, merchandising, creating sales materials, training, or shipping.  I had no legal worries, and I didn’t even have to worry about compensating a work force (and no more payroll taxes!)  It was all taken care of for me!

Network Marketing meant that all I had to do was use the products, share them with others, and teach others to do the same!

I had found the perfect place to do business, on a spectacularly level playing field where no one, regardless of their education, wealth, innate talent, or any other so-called advantage had a better chance of succeeding than I did.  And the same was true for the folks that I shared the business with:  no one, myself included, had a better chance for success in Network Marketing than they did.

When people share with me their misconceptions about Network Marketing or ask me why it is that I’ve chosen to make a living in this industry, I remember the headache of the brick and mortar businesses that I’ve owned or been involved with, and I shake my head and ask:  “What’s Not To Love About Network Marketing?”

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