Why you should be underpaid

The marketplace pays for value. If you want to be paid more, be worth more.

How can you provide greater value to the marketplace?

Start by bringing passion to the work you are doing. Meet each day eager to explore its gifts. Understand that how you do anything is how you do everything, and so bring energy and attention to each task you accomplish. Underpromise and overdeliver. Provide greater service than you expect to be paid for.

“But I want to be paid MORE,” you’re thinking.

Be worth more. Bring your passion to the marketplace. Do a little bit more. Be passionate about providing greater value so that no matter your compensation, it is still less than you’re worth.

Don’t let it happen that you are paid more than you’re worth. While you might think that this is keen for a while, eventually
it will be found out, and when that happens, you’ll be replaced.

If you’re underpaid for the level of quality and service that you provide, you’ll always be in demand. Your value to the marketplace
will always be high, and money and opportunity will chase you down!

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