Word of Mouth Marketing: Transforming Business, Changing Lives

Word-of-Mouth MarketingWhat is the single most powerful force in marketing?  A quick poll of 1500 consumers returned 1,305 responses of “word of mouth marketing.”

Why is “word of mouth marketing” the most powerful marketing force on the planet?  Because the process of “word of mouth marketing” can easily bypass ad copy on any given day.

With “word of mouth marketing” you’re selling to a thirsty crowd; in fact, other people (your clients) are going out and selecting the thirsty crowd for you with no upfront cost to you.

So, what is “word of mouth marketing?”  Well, let’s use a simple example.  You’re overweight.  Your uncle is overweight.  At the annual family reunion you see your uncle and he’s lost 100 pounds; he looks fabulous and feels great.  You ask him what he’s done to achieve such amazing results and he tells you:  He used product “X”;  It was easy, he wasn’t hungry, and the pounds literally melted away!

Now, compare your uncle’s “word of mouth marketing” with the same copy in an ad.  You won’t trust the ad copy; you will trust your uncle!  That’s the power of “word of mouth marketing.”

Are you harnessing the power of “word of mouth marketing” in your business?  One of the best ways to do this is to create a great user experience for your clients and then make sure to ask for referrals.  Referrals are your bread and butter; they combine the power of “word of mouth” with some good, old-fashioned third-party validation:  “Not only am I going to show you an easy, step-by-step process that works, BUT, your friend Nancy used this same process and you’ve seen her results!”  Nancy’s results validate your claims and Nancy’s testimonial will have a greater impact on your client than any ad copy ever could have.

Doing business doesn’t have to be a big, difficult thing – doing business is fun!  Refine your process to insure a great client experience and your clients will carry your message to the thirsty masses on your behalf.  Help your clients to believe in their own ability to succeed, and you can write your own ticket: The sky will be your limit!

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